Wedding Invites

My wife was kind enough (brave enough?) to let me illustrate and design our wedding invites earlier this year. 

Inspired by mid century pulp covers and our love of travel (and her love of jewellery) 



The Diamond

Everyone knew the stories of the giant diamond guarded by an ancient tribe deep in the Amazon...



The Pearl

Many pirates journeyed from far and wide to try and secure the fabled giant pearl, but all fell to the jewels guardian - the giant squid. 



The Emerald

Flecks of dust and sand danced around a giant emerald. Protected
by a Mummy of unfathomable size, it had been sealed in this tomb
for centuries...



The Gas Station

The gas station had seen better days but they were lost, hungry and needed a moment of respite before continuing on.



The Honeymoon

The boat gently bounced in the canal, the sun light dancing off the water. The couple took this moment to relax and wonder what their next adventure would be.



The Invites

Each illustrated post card had a back with important information for the wedding and were wax sealed with a custom seal.